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French Doors

French doors

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French doors are hinged double doors which open outwards into garden, patio or conservatory. Although not usually suitable for use as a front door they provide a sleek but clear transition between areas such as a living room to a conservatory.

With the advanced design and installation of our patio doors, you’ll be able to reduce your use of your central heating. This is because the PVCu frame will leave no gaps for heat to escape from. A French door provides a sealed barrier dividing your home from the varying temperatures outside or within a conservatory.

French doors contain a central frame attached to one of the doors which allows the other to open easily like a regular door but providing a larger viewing space at the same time. However this also gives the option of unlocking the centre post and opening both of the doors to create a large space to open up your home which can greatly improve accessibility into your home.

French doors in a kitchen

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