More about aluminium patio doors

More about Aluminium Patio Doors



  • Extruded out of aluminium-alloy AlMgSi 0,5 F22 according to DIN 1725. *
    Tolerance according to DIN17618.


  • Electrostatic powder coating: according to the guidelines of APA-Qualicoat in most of the current RAL-colours.
    Possible to colour in wood structure to imitate different woods (Powder coated according to Qualicoat). All coatings will be delivered with a certificate of guarantee for 15 years.
    Anodisation: in satin or bronze colours with E.E.W.A./EURAS-Qualanod quality label.
    Thermal break: The profiles consist of 2 aluminium extrusions which are separated from one another by polyamide strips PA 6.6.25 reinforced with glass fibre. A gluing thread, rolled and pushed in together with the thermal break profile, ensures a strong adhesion after melting and flowing, when the profiles are heated in the hardening furnace.


  • Built-in depth: outer frame 99 mm.
    Sealing : with PP-brushes
    Glazing: from 4 to 29 mm.
    Wheels: ALIPLAST
    Hardware: SOBINCO
    Max. sash weight: 200 kg
    Wheels: PVC
    Double rail: Aluminium
    Different combinations: 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-parted

Performance level according to STS 52.0:

  • Air transmission: PA3
    Mechanical resistance to wind: PV3
    Water tightness: PE3

Performance level according to UEATC:

  • Air transmission: A3
    Mechanical resistance to wind: V3
    Water tightness: E3

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