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Permanent Flat Roof Weatherproofing Systems

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Saranafil warm roof with domed skylight.

Saranafil warm roof with domed skylight.

Everyone knows the problem of conventional, old fashioned flat roof felting that has to be replaced every few years. But now, there’s a hi-tech answer from Climax with the latest bonded flexible PVC roofing sheet, with proven performance in many demanding commercial applications such as airports and industrial premises. This is the permanent solution for flat roofs. It works by bringing together the benefits of thick, yet flexible sheeting, welded together in position actually on your existing roof to form a total enclosure. The result is totally impervious to weather; rain, hail, sleet and snow, hot sun or freezing cold icy conditions all shrugged off for good! Not only is the Climax flat roof weatherproofing system the definitive replacement for messy black felt, it is also available in different colours should you decide to go off piste.


Free Consultation

Combination of glass and Sarnafil pitched roof.

Combination of glass and Sarnafil pitched roof.

Climax will discuss the most suitable specification and will provide a no obligation, free of charge quotation. If the roof is a refurbishment its important that it is surveyed to assess the causes of current or future problems and appropriate recommendations will be made to rectify any problems.

Effective preparation

Correct preparation is critical to a quality installation, which is why Climax will ensure the roofing specification is correct for the property, and all details are prepared for the day of installation. If the project is refurbishment overlay then chippings will need to be swept (if present) and if it’s a partial strip the substrate must be suitable for the new system.

Fast safe installation

Installed without naked flames, hot bitumen, multiple layers or resins, the Sarnafil membrane is simply rolled out onto the roof and secured to the roof structure using the appropriate fixing method. Aesthetically pleasing steel reinforced edge membrane trims provide strong, weather resistant roof edges. We also offer a range of aesthetic profiles which can be heat welded onto the roof to reproduce the appearance of traditional lead batten roll or standing seam roofs.

Sarnafil roof

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