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Repairs, Replacements and Upgrades

If you ever experience a problem – even with products not originally from Climax – we can usually solve it quickly and efficiently. We can upgrade security, replace sealed glass units, locks, handles, gaskets and window seals. We can match existing fittings or give you a choice of a different design. It is all part of the service.

Repairs and replacements to Climax, and other company’s windows, locks, handles, and hinges. Replacement sealed glass units that are broken or have lost their seal and mist up can usually be replaced easily without fuss. Up-grade existing windows by quickly and efficiently fitting the latest energy rated sealed glass units, and heat reflecting or toughened safety glass.

Broken or malfunctioning locks, hinges, letterboxes, handles, and patio rollers can usually be replaced without fuss or disruption. Climax also change sealed glass units in doors and patio doors to replace broken or failed units. Door up-grades using the latest toughened safety glass, or state of the art heat reflecting glass to conserve valuable heat.

Upgraded security
Improve security with the latest door locks and hinges. Locks are available which are anti pick and anti bump, with the option of having both front and back door locks operated by the same key – even the garage door lock!
Security chains, cabin hooks and door stays all help to improve security and safety. Window handles can easily be changed from non-locking to locking. For additional peace of mind, child proof restrictors can also be installed both on windows and doors.