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Secondary horizontal sliders

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The Horizontal Slider is undoubtedly the most frequently used type of secondary glazing. Its uses are therefore widespread, being applied to high-rise or low-level commercial properties, historic buildings as well as all kinds of domestic dwellings. The Granada system provides sensitive solutions to the problems created by noise and sound pollution.

Available in a wide range of sizes with a choice of configurations to tailor your horizontal sliding secondary glazing to your needs, you’ll find that we can create the perfect fit. Available in two, three, four or five panels, the sashes can be completely removed when you need to clean and maintain the existing window. Because the sashes are fitted with brass rollers, it ensures a smooth sliding action making them easy to use. You won’t have to worry about spending time or money on their upkeep, simply give the windows a wipe down from time to time to keep them in optimum condition.

Our horizontal sliding secondary glazing allows easy access to the primary windows for ventilation and each individual secondary glazing panel can be lifted up into the top of the outer frame and then swung inwards to facilitate removal. This allows access for cleaning and maintenance.

Secondary glazing can help you to achieve thermal efficiency in your home, making it warmer for longer. This means your home will remain at a consistent and comfortable temperature reducing your reliance on central heating and helping to keep your energy costs low. This in turn decreases your carbon footprint, making it an eco-friendly upgrade and helping you contribute to a greener environment.

Twin brush seals provide excellent high sealing efficiency. This has been scientifically proven to eliminate draughts, increase thermal insulation and give greater improvements to the security of the primary windows. The security issue is further enhanced with the use of the latest locks and handles.

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