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Secondary Lift Outs

Lift out window 1Economically, the Lift Out is the most cost effective type of secondary glazing available. Its most common application is where limited access to the primary window is required, for example a window which has been installed with the sole object of providing light to a room.

As well as economical, the Lift Out is also the most basic form of secondary glazing. As its name implies, it simply lifts out of a secured channel. For practical purposes, it is advised that the sash size be considered since the weight of glass must be of manageable proportions. Each sash is manufactured with double brush pile seal, further increasing the thermal and sound insulation properties.

A lift out design is especially ideal for listed properties where installing double glazing is not an option. Their frames sit behind the window unobtrusively, adding a layer of insulation without affecting the outer appearance of the property. Lift out is available in a comprehensive selection of designs. You can get the windows in Heritage, Traditional, and Slimline models.

The biggest advantage of lift out secondary glazing is a distinct improvement in your property’s thermal performance. Removable, lift out windows can help you reduce your heat loss by up to 65%.
Additionally, lift out windows can also block out up to 80% of the noise from outside using 6.4 mm acoustic laminate glazing, with 200mm glass-to-glass for optimum noise reduction (52 db) . As a result, your property becomes warmer and quieter.

Another great thing about our lift out windows is that it uses an aluminium twin track profile, the strength of aluminium means that the frames can be slimmer and yet be secure. As a result, the frames can hold larger panes of glass without losing structural integrity.

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